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True stories - same'n'different

Nic dwa razy się nie zda­rza
i nie zda­rzy. Z tej przy­czy­ny
zro­dzi­li­śmy się bez wpra­wy
i pomrze­my bez ruty­ny.

This is love­ly poem by Wisła­wa Szym­bor­ska. The­re are things that seem to be con­stant and tho­se that come and go in a blink of eye. Nothing hap­pens twi­ce. Chan­ce comes une­xpec­te­dly. Once and never aga­in. I felt it so deeply in my heart and soul it almost… Almost.

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True Stories - Blowing

Many times in your star­tup you’ll find a chal­len­ge more chal­len­ging than it appe­ars at first. It’s only a mat­ter of your open mind how you han­dle it. Would you con­si­der cove­ring this can­dle with a sel­fpho­ne lay­ing near­by? Sure­ly effec­ti­ve method. 🙂
Once aga­in hap­py bir­th­day Przemek. 🙂

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True Stories - Possibilities & mind influence

Aula Pol­ska was always a pla­ce fil­led with possi­bi­li­ties and oppor­tu­ni­ties. It’s only up you which one you pick.

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True Stories - Women (Startup) Success' Recipes

I used to say that you can learn from women a lot of wise things . So here you have uni­que chan­ce. Double chan­ce. Two dif­fe­rent woman. Two dif­fe­rent reci­pies. One goal. Star­tup suc­cess. Ano­ther True Sto­ries by JimB40 from Aula 77. I’ve told you it was cre­ati­ve 🙂

First goes Star­tup Suc­cess Reci­pe by Agnes

Then Star­tup Suc­cess Reci­pe by Agha­ta

Thanks for inspi­ring & hap­py star­tup cookin”

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True Stories - Nowe technologie w służbie narodu - epilog

Obie­ca­ny epi­log.

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True Stories - Nowe technologie w służbie narodu

Wła­śnie wybie­ram się na Aulę 76 . Z tej oka­zji kolej­ny TS tym razem z Auli 74. Było epic­ko i będzie epilog

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True Stories - Vain Expectations?

Była tak­że inna chwi­la, któ­rej nie zapo­mnę,
Był raz wie­czór roz­ma­rzo­ny i nadzie­je płon­ne

Sor­ry for no trans­la­tion. In the mean­ti­me pic­tu­re has to spe­ak for itself, whi­le I look for the pro­per trans­la­tion of Marek Gre­chu­ta song. He was one of the most influ­en­tial polish arti­sts.

Pho­to used in this TS have a file name IMG_9666.JPG and this was not plan­ned.
It’s the publish time what WAS plan­ned. 6:60 plus 6 🙂

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True Stories - Deadline startup way

You pro­mi­sed” she said once. „Here you go” he replied. AK74 and Mar­cin B. in next JimB40’s True Sto­ry from Aula Polska 71 Bar­camp. Deadli­nes in star­tups are to be met for all costs. No mat­ter. No mer­cy. No con­tent? 😉
Have a fun and stay tuned.

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True Stories - Headless is costless?

This is oldie but gol­die. Still apply for any­one using low fare air­li­nes. Like me. 🙂

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Startuper Time Dilema

Sum­mer­ti­me in our minds. Sum­mer colors. Sum­mer topic. Sum­mer Comic Card with one of my favo­uri­te polish star­tup sce­ne play­er. Busi­ness & free can­dies lover. Here goes Rafał with Time Dile­ma.

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Aula Hidden Purpose

Well this sup­po­sed to be True Story ini­tial­ly. Then I recal­led myself meaning of true. True in terms of JimB40's True Stories might be lit­tle twi­sted, but no doubts eve­ry­thing hap­pe­ned. On the other hand below publi­shed pie­ce of artwork is rather like walk with my ima­gi­na­tion on long leash.
From time to time I used to make kind of Comic Cards for my friends. If they agree I’ll publish some­day. 🙂 So I bor­ro­wed tem­pla­te for­mat and here it goes.
Does it mean it’s not true? It wasn’t me who said that. Jud­ge your­self and smi­le. By the way, don’t wor­ry it’s sum­mer­ti­me aga­in. Easy period to survi­ve. Let other people out the­re in Poland find out Aula hid­den pur­po­se.

Aula Hidden Purpose by JimB40

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True Stories - Startup F.Guide

Well I always won­der if Aula will make cre­ati­ve buzz insi­de my head. Usu­aly it does. First JimB40’s True Sto­ry form Aula #66.
Becau­se being star­tup foun­der you’d bet­ter know what is to fuck and what is not. It seems this know­led­ge applies to non-star­tu­pers too. 🙂 The­re is ano­ther one on the way. Stay tuned.

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TrueStories - Nubile

Zgod­nie z zapo­wie­dzia­mi dru­gi Tru­eSto­ries z Auli 58.

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TrueStories - El Presidente

Aulą 58 nie było ina­czej. Uro­dzi­ła się dwój­ka. Bliź­nia­ki ale nie jed­no­ja­jo­we. Kolej­ny odci­nek z cyklu JimB40’s True Sto­ries zaty­tu­ło­wa­ny:
El Pre­si­den­te y El Pre­si­den­te.

A już nie­ba­wem czy­li pew­nie jutro kolej­ny z rodzeń­stwa czy­li NUBILE. Stay tuned!

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True Stories - Hunting for MicroCelebrity

Na oko­licz­ność zwięk­szo­nej ilo­ści foto­gra­fów na Auli #56

JimB40’s True Sto­ries.
Dzi­siej­szy odci­nek zaty­tu­ło­wa­ny jest Hun­ting for Micro­Ce­le­bri­ty.

Z oka­zji uda­ne­go polo­wa­nia oraz dzi­siej­szych uro­dzin mikro-cele­bryt­ki życzy­my Julii suk­ce­sów, uśmie­chów i zamia­ny mikro na makro.

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