Aulery 2012 - photo coverage

We wan­ted to have nice & fresh fish so we headed north. We car­ried our came­ra to docu­ment love­ly fish we were going to eat by the sea. We took a bus hoping to work a lit­tle as it takes 5 hours to get to the coast. Our hope vani­shed as soon as we met at the bus stop bunch of people we knew from star­tup events. They were heading north to have some sun­ba­thing as far as we remem­ber. Inste­ad of hard work then, the­re was nice and con­stant conver­sa­tion. Main­ly abo­ut the life, dif­fe­ren­ce betwe­en ex and actu­al and quali­ty of cof­fe served. During this short jour­ney we disco­ve­red that the­re is some­ting going on in ERGO Are­na in Sopot. We disco­ve­red also we have a spa­re memo­ry card. So once aga­in the­re are bunch of pho­tos sho­wing enter­pre­neurs envo­lved in star­tup cre­ation who gathe­red to cele­bra­te in Sopot. Auler Gala 2012.

Hap­py vie­wing.

Photo coverage

If you don’t see any­thing click to watch slideshow.
You can watch photos on flickr.
See also pho­tos photos from other barcamps.

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True Stories - Possibilities & mind influence

Aula Pol­ska was always a pla­ce fil­led with possi­bi­li­ties and oppor­tu­ni­ties. It’s only up you which one you pick.

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Aulery 2011 - photo coverage

Yes. This not mista­ke. We know it’s 2012 now. We won­de­red why tho­se pho­tos laid for so long on our hard dri­ve. The only reason that comes to our mind is that we love some of them so much that we dont’t want to sha­re it with any­bo­dy. 🙂 We have writ­ten love but sin­ce we’ve just publi­shed them it seems to us we sho­uld wri­te affec­tion. Addic­tion may­be.

Any­way … long, long time ago in a far, far galac­tic 🙂
Event took pla­ce in Hil­ton Hotel in War­saw. That was real fun to see tho­se easy going star­tup enter­pre­neurs wearing the­ir eve­ry­day clo­thes, put in a venue that com­ple­tly doesn’t fit. Even with tie.

We coun­ted on piz­za, but it seems Hil­ton doesn’t pro­vi­de this this kind of fuel. We hoped some­one would order one from piz­ze­ria near­by. No chan­ce. We’ve heard here and the­re that this would be „not in line with the spon­sor guide­li­ne”. We usu­al­ly go along with people that have guide­li­nes in … we don’t know exac­tly whe­re, but we are sure it’s deep pla­ce. We are also 100% sure that deve­lop­ment doesn’t mean cut­ting off the roots.

We had not too much time for phi­lo­so­phi­cal mood becau­se we wan­ted to pitch on Startup Weekend Warsaw having our Vespa ready in front of venue. Timing was thi­ght and loca­tions far. Gre­eting to tho­se dri­vers and one poli­ce­man who sho­ved for­gi­ve­ness to cra­zy Vespa dri­ver relo­ca­ting in irre­spon­si­ble way beetwen Hil­ton and Tech­no­lo­gy Uni­ver­si­ty.

In the mean­ti­me we admi­red beau­ti­ful light in a lob­by and even more beau­ti­ful women that were pre­sent the­re. Results of our admi­ra­tion can be vie­wed below.


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Startup Weekend Trójmiasto photo coverage

Well this time was dif­fe­rent. I was par­ti­ci­pa­ting with one of my ideas on Startup Weekend Trojmiasto. Good side is, that we (me and team) mana­ged to appe­ar on sta­ge as one of cho­sen teams 🙂 Bad side is that the­re are just a few pho­tos. Well life is a game of cho­ices. During the event the­re was not much time to talk and even less for pho­to­gra­phy. More­over I was men­ta­ly focu­sed on main tar­get and that was to pro­du­ce ear­ly beta of UPromised! After 54h of con­stant focus and hard work I was quite exhau­sted. Few men­tors sho­ots cau­se at that time I tho­ught I’ll have time to talk with them. Sor­ry no star­tu­pers sho­ots, except Nina. 😉 Never­the­less I’ve mana­ged to take some nice sho­ots during after­par­ty in Gdynia’s COCO Club & Restau­rant. . For sure I’ll wri­te abo­ut more on how is to be on the other side of lens.

Any­way here it goes, Star­tup Week­end Trój­mia­sto pho­to cove­ra­ge. Hap­py vie­wing guys.

If you don’t see embed­ded sli­de­show click to see the slidesow on-line or photos published on flickr.
Have you seen other photo coverages from Startup Weekends in Poland? The­re is also nice photocast covering Startup Weekend in Kra­ków.
You can also watch other barcamp and startup photo coverages.

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True Stories - Women (Startup) Success' Recipes

I used to say that you can learn from women a lot of wise things . So here you have uni­que chan­ce. Double chan­ce. Two dif­fe­rent woman. Two dif­fe­rent reci­pies. One goal. Star­tup suc­cess. Ano­ther True Sto­ries by JimB40 from Aula 77. I’ve told you it was cre­ati­ve 🙂

First goes Star­tup Suc­cess Reci­pe by Agnes

Then Star­tup Suc­cess Reci­pe by Agha­ta

Thanks for inspi­ring & hap­py star­tup cookin”

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Aula 77 - fotorelacja

Jake i Elwood

Co na Auli

  • Joan­na M. — kreatywna dama , któ­ra na rand­kach opo­wia­da o swo­im star­tu­pie.
  • Kon­rad L. — zna­ny podglądacz aukcyjny i pro­pa­ga­tor prze­strze­ga­nia przy­ka­zań oraz ojciec swo­je­go dziec­ka.

panel popro­wa­dzi­ła.

  • Agniesz­ka S. — zna­ny w bran­ży SPIN

Na stronie Auli moż­na zoba­czyć pre­zen­ta­cje.


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Aula 76 - fotorelacja

W tym odcin­ku wystę­po­wa­li:

  • Arka­diusz H. co to się ogrom­ny­mi rze­cza­mi zaj­mu­je, ale małych firm poszu­ku­je
  • Maciej K. — co to się zaj­mu­je ryb łowie­niem, ale chwi­lo­wo tyl­ko węd­ku­je bo ryby wyło­wio­ne a o nary­bek w Pol­skich sta­wach dba­ło­ści nie ma.

Na stronie Auli moż­na zoba­czyć pre­ze­zn­ta­cje.


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Aula 75 - fotorelacja

W tym odcin­ku wystę­po­wa­li:

Na stronie Auli moż­na zoba­czyć pre­ze­zn­ta­cje, komen­ta­rze uczest­ni­ków, o ile sko­men­to­wa­li cokol­wiek.


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Startup Weekend Kraków photo coverage - day two

This is pho­to selec­tion from the second day of Star­tup Week­end Kra­ków 2012 event.
The­re some­thing abo­ut 250 sho­ots so if you were part of it, most pro­ba­bly you’ll find your­self ether­ni­zed by my lens.

If you don’t see embed­ded sli­de­show click to see the slidesow on-line or photos published on flickr.

Have you seen photo-coverage from the first day? You sho­uld becau­se it was upda­te with some more nice pho­tos. The­re is also nice photocast covering Startup Weekend in Kra­ków.

You can also watch other barcamp and startup photo coverages.

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True Stories - Nowe technologie w służbie narodu - epilog

Obie­ca­ny epi­log.

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Aula 74 - fotorelacja i mini felieton

Pierw­sza nasza Aula w tym roku. Znów była prze­rwa bo to jed­nak sezon gry­po­wy w peł­ni. Kie­dy jed­nak oka­za­ło się, że bedzie o pió­rach, a jak wia­do­mo my pisze­my dużo, zebra­li­śmy się w sobie. Na dzień przed, zapli­ko­wa­na zosta­ła kura­cja muzycz­na w posta­ci The Connels i tak przy­go­to­wa­ni uda­li­śmy na Aulę siedemdziesiąt czteryWhen I look on your eyes, then I’ll do bet­ter

Co tam na Auli

Uśmiech­nię­ta Karolina(więcej…)

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True Stories - Nowe technologie w służbie narodu

Wła­śnie wybie­ram się na Aulę 76 . Z tej oka­zji kolej­ny TS tym razem z Auli 74. Było epic­ko i będzie epilog

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moje MBTI - badanie

W części pierwszej było o impul­sie, któ­ry skło­nił mnie do wej­ścia na ścież­kę sta­łe­go roz­wo­ju. Dzi­siaj będzie od samym bada­niu MBTI

Pro­szę BYĆ SOBĄ.….… A to wca­le nie jest takie pro­ste.… cza­sa­mi. 🙂

Sko­ry­gu­je. To naj­czę­ściej nie jest takie pro­ste. (więcej…)

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JimB40's Shoots of Life - December 2011

Decem­ber. Or may­be Sep­tem­ber aga­in? Lone­ly but­ter­fly did some­thing wrong with its wing on the other side od the glo­be. Becau­se of that we had autum untill end of Decem­ber. Kra­ków aga­in. Good food and inspi­ring meeting with Wacek Wan­tuch orga­ni­zed by Iza. Fly­ing bikers in Are­na Cen­tre in Łódź. Having petrol in my blo­od and quite nice pho­tos. Gathe­ring info abo­ut stu­dio equ­ip­ment & lear­ning how to deal with color. My moni­tor gets nice DIY hood. Spen­ding a week with my kids and cele­bra­ting seventh year of my Capri­corn. Last Aula. Last din­ner. Last day of 2011. Chri­st­mas time with fami­ly pas­sed some­how unno­ti­ced. War­saw & Yo aga­in. New Years Eve at crow­ded Castle Squ­are. Bye, bye two-ou-one-one. I won’t miss you much ’cau­se there’s young and fresh two-ou-one-two knoc­king on my door.. Thank you for being part of my life.

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Ile warta jest fotografia?

INFP się nada­ję.
Wiem jed­nak że:

Foto­gra­fia szcze­gól­nie dobra to inwe­sty­cja, a nie koszt.

Czy­ta­łem o tym już daw­no. Myśla­łem zaś, jak o mar­ke­tin­go­wym beł­ko­cie wymy­ślo­nym po to żeby łatwiej uro­bić klien­tów. Dopó­ki sam na wła­snej skó­rze nie prze­ko­na­łem się o praw­dzi­wo­ści tego stwier­dze­nia.


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