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Sunday at studfarm

Love­ly weather. Real people and beau­ti­ful ani­mals. Pas­sion to live and work. That was gre­at Sun­day at Tarant stud­farm.

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Just be yourself with me

It’s raining aga­in. Sum­mer shows col­der face. Face I won’t accept. Never. 🙂 Here goes the Cure.
Con­si­de­ring this pho­to­cast was done more than year ago I think I have to recon­si­der publi­shing time.


If you don’t see video here is direct link.

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Startup Weekend Trójmiasto photo coverage

Well this time was dif­fe­rent. I was par­ti­ci­pa­ting with one of my ideas on Startup Weekend Trojmiasto. Good side is, that we (me and team) mana­ged to appe­ar on sta­ge as one of cho­sen teams 🙂 Bad side is that the­re are just a few pho­tos. Well life is a game of cho­ices. During the event the­re was not much time to talk and even less for pho­to­gra­phy. More­over I was men­ta­ly focu­sed on main tar­get and that was to pro­du­ce ear­ly beta of UPromised! After 54h of con­stant focus and hard work I was quite exhau­sted. Few men­tors sho­ots cau­se at that time I tho­ught I’ll have time to talk with them. Sor­ry no star­tu­pers sho­ots, except Nina. 😉 Never­the­less I’ve mana­ged to take some nice sho­ots during after­par­ty in Gdy­nia­’s COCO Club & Restau­rant. . For sure I’ll wri­te abo­ut more on how is to be on the other side of lens.

Any­way here it goes, Star­tup Week­end Trój­mia­sto pho­to cove­ra­ge. Hap­py vie­wing guys.

If you don’t see embed­ded sli­de­show click to see the slidesow on-line or photos published on flickr.
Have you seen other photo coverages from Startup Weekends in Poland? The­re is also nice photocast covering Startup Weekend in Kra­ków.
You can also watch other barcamp and startup photo coverages.

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Startup Weekend Kraków photo coverage - day two

This is pho­to selec­tion from the second day of Star­tup Week­end Kra­ków 2012 event.
The­re some­thing abo­ut 250 sho­ots so if you were part of it, most pro­ba­bly you’ll find your­self ether­ni­zed by my lens.

If you don’t see embed­ded sli­de­show click to see the slidesow on-line or photos published on flickr.

Have you seen photo-coverage from the first day? You sho­uld becau­se it was upda­te with some more nice pho­tos. The­re is also nice photocast covering Startup Weekend in Kra­ków.

You can also watch other barcamp and startup photo coverages.

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JimB40's Shoots of Life - December 2011

Decem­ber. Or may­be Sep­tem­ber aga­in? Lone­ly but­ter­fly did some­thing wrong with its wing on the other side od the glo­be. Becau­se of that we had autum untill end of Decem­ber. Kra­ków aga­in. Good food and inspi­ring meeting with Wacek Wan­tuch orga­ni­zed by Iza. Fly­ing bikers in Are­na Cen­tre in Łódź. Having petrol in my blo­od and quite nice pho­tos. Gathe­ring info abo­ut stu­dio equ­ip­ment & lear­ning how to deal with color. My moni­tor gets nice DIY hood. Spen­ding a week with my kids and cele­bra­ting seventh year of my Capri­corn. Last Aula. Last din­ner. Last day of 2011. Chri­st­mas time with fami­ly pas­sed some­how unno­ti­ced. War­saw & Yo aga­in. New Years Eve at crow­ded Castle Squ­are. Bye, bye two-ou-one-one. I won’t miss you much ’cau­se the­re­’s young and fresh two-ou-one-two knoc­king on my door.. Thank you for being part of my life.

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Ile warta jest fotografia?

Świet­ne pyta­nie. Sam je sobie zada­wa­łem przez dłu­gi czas. Głów­nie pyta­jąc ile kosz­tu­je foto­gra­fia? Może tyle co koszt ener­gii potrzeb­nej do wyświe­tle­nia na moni­to­rze plus koszt poran­nej kawy dla foto­gra­fa? Może raczej koszt papie­ru i far­by dru­kar­skiej oraz koszt dojaz­du na miej­sce naci­śnię­cia migaw­ki. Hmm… Wiem! To są wszyst­kie kosz­ty foto­gra­fa plus wszyst­kie jego wydat­ki życio­we pomno­żo­ne przez wskaź­nik JimB-GF (Gre­ed­Fac­tor) podzie­lo­ne przez ilość zdjęć któ­re uda mu się sprze­dać.

Dzi­siaj już wiem że te wszyst­kie odpo­wie­dzi są po czę­ści pra­we i nie­praw­dzi­we. Praw­dzi­we bo wszyst­ko w życiu kosz­tu­je. Bilet do War­sza­way do Kra­ko­wa i z powro­tem. Hotel na dwa dni. Coś na ząb. No dobra jak praw­dzi­wy star­tu­po­wiec mogę zmi­ni­ma­li­zo­wać cza­sem ten koszt do jed­nej kawy i jed­ne­go kawał­ka piz­zy dzien­nie. Póź­niej obrób­ka zdjęć. Zwy­kle trwa­ją­ca tyle samo lub wię­cej niż samo foto­gra­fo­wa­nie. Póź­niej …

Jest dużo róż­nych póź­niej i parę innych wcze­śniej. Nie­mniej jed­nak wszyst­kie one sta­no­wią pół-praw­dy. Ja zaś zwy­kłem mawiać, że pół praw­dy to całe kłam­stwo. To jaka to jest ta praw­da? Nie wiem jaka jest praw­da. Nie pre­ten­du­je na kazno­dzie­ję, cho­ciaż jako INFP się nada­ję.
Wiem jed­nak że:

Foto­gra­fia szcze­gól­nie dobra to inwe­sty­cja, a nie koszt.

Czy­ta­łem o tym już daw­no. Myśla­łem zaś, jak o mar­ke­tin­go­wym beł­ko­cie wymy­ślo­nym po to żeby łatwiej uro­bić klien­tów. Dopó­ki sam na wła­snej skó­rze nie prze­ko­na­łem się o praw­dzi­wo­ści tego stwier­dze­nia.
Weź­my zatem byka za rogi w mój ulu­bio­ny spo­sób. Prze­glą­da­jąc się w lustrze.


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JimB40's Shoots of Life - November 2011

Novem­ber. Life slows down. If one never went thro­ugh Novem­ber here in Poland, one doesn’t have blo­ody idea what I am tal­king abo­ut. Free fal­ling with thin­king abo­ut pro­tec­tion. Will the para­chu­te open? Have I had taken para­chu­te with me befo­re I had to leave the pla­ne? This year Novem­ber came under­co­ver. Pre­ten­ding Sep­tem­ber. No one has belie­ved. Even bikes were sad that the­ir time was over. Time to fight! Euro­pe­an ver­sion of hap­pi­ness pre­scrip­tion. Capre­se inste­ad of Pro­zac and che­ese­ca­ke with cho­co­la­te inste­ad of Via­gra. Feeling like house­wi­fe with all tho­se duties. Andro­id starts to piss me off. Is this autumn or shit­ty tech­no­lo­gy? Next small step in mini-stu­dio direc­tion means measu­ring my living room. Pro­duct means con­stant question. Would I like to rece­ive some­thing like this? Fol­lo­wing Hal­lo­we­en Aula bar­camp was main­ly abo­ut dead man. Famo­us but dead any­way. Having fun with bri­de & gro­om. Kuba is cha­sing Ania. Hope­ful­ly for the rest of his life. He pro­mi­sed. Reading best polish pro­se. Michał doesn’t seem to know how to make capre­se. Never­the­less he knows per­fec­tly what is Novem­ber like. No doubts. Gol­den fish and one day. I have three wishes: one day with more light, one day with more light and one day with more light. That all folks.

If you were part of my life thank you for let­ting me survi­ve.

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JimB40's Shoots of Life - October 2011

Octo­ber was hot. Sum­mer was sor­ry for so many tears and was try­ing to say sor­ry. Love­ly bike trip to Kon­stan­cin. Lear­ning how to cook bit­ki. More equ­ip­ment to my home stu­dio and fasio­na­ble disk for daily bac­kup. Play­ing guitar when possi­ble makes me easy-going. Darek Jan­kow­ski was damn right. Ana­sta­zja went home so I did a wed­ding with Grze­gorz as second. Out of sud­den with one small signa­tu­re I beca­me a god father of this mar­ria­ge. Love tho­se events. The only con­stant thing is chan­ge. Fre­ema­n’s „Pho­to­gra­phers mind”. Slow­ly intro­du­cing spe­edli­ghts in my pho­to mind. Next wed­ding. Friends. Aga­in lot of posi­ti­ve people. I almost got kil­led by truck going back at 4am in total mist. Weather spo­ils. Cross from Biesz­cza­dy for my mum. This pro­ject lasted one year. One has to be stub­born. Joy of cre­ation aga­in. Mar­ti Stu­dio takes pla­ce in my mind. Wor­kin on quali­ty of pho­to pro­ducts & reading a lot abo­ut it. The last day of Octo­ber was warm and ple­asant. Thank you for being part of my life.

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Startup Weekend Kraków photo coverage - day one

All right. Kra­ków aga­in this year. Thin­king abo­ut moving the­re. Will be che­aper then make a jour­ney eve­ry week­end
This is pho­to selec­tion from the first day of Star­tup Week­end Kra­ków 2012 event.
Descrip­tions are as always sub­jec­ti­ve and may not reflect actu­al situ­ation 🙂

If you don’t see embed­ded sli­de­show click to see the slidesow on-line or photos published on flickr.
You can also watch other barcamp and startup photo coverages.

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Startup Weekend Kraków 2012 - The Weekend you WILL miss

If some­one doubts that events like Star­tup Week­end boosts cre­ati­vi­ty, here goes the pro­of.

If you don’t see video here is direct link.

if you still don’t belie­ve here are some more pro­ofs
Aula & Seedcamp rendez-vous
Muwie Womm

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JimB40's Shoots of Life - September 2011

Sep­tem­ber. Sur­pri­sin­gly bet­ter then all sum­mer. Scho­ols starts the­ir lofty mis­sion. This year one of my pre­cio­us is the head of the scho­ol. Lap­top dec­la­red gene­ral stri­ke. Mis­sing my two whe­els. Warp4 go into the pha­se of review habit. Pho­to ses­sion with pho­to­gra­pher as a model. Why not? Stro­bist day. I make good use of a bor­ro­wed lamp, ken­nel and three kids. Bar­ce­lo­na. Kind of day­dre­am. No sle­ep. Stun­ning views from the top of sur­ro­un­ding hills. My favo­uri­te food. My favo­uri­te com­pa­ny. Two whe­els eve­ry­whe­re. Puk­ka hedo­nist. If only north-spa­in women knew what heels were inwen­ted for. Bru­xel­les then appe­ared as a sle­epy city. War­saw then appe­ared as … Come back was tough. Fla­men­co by Sau­ra was tougher. My pre­cio­us gets her ankle twi­sted. Time to fare­well sum­mer. Dan­ce flo­or is the right pla­ce to do it. Isn’t it?

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JimB40's Shoots of Life - August 2011

August. Began with flo­od. Tho­se lit­tle rain­drops came in bil­lions for­ming wave that con­stan­tly inva­ded my castle. That was epic bat­tle. Twen­ty four hour per day. After five days inten­si­ty of attack lowe­red but then moistu­re for­ce and mold squ­ad appe­ared. Per­ma­nent sie­ge. In this con­text short Biesz­cza­dy bre­ak was like a resur­rec­tion. Poło­ni­na Wetliń­ska conqu­ered. Guitar dome­sti­ca­ted. Nice people met. Pho­tos taken. Inc­lu­ding quick and spon­ta­ne­ous ses­sion with Lady Domi­ni­que in San­do­mierz. My Guar­dian Angel gets fian­cée. Epson. Final­ly in-house hi-quali­ty prints possi­ble. Ano­ther cri­sis needs my atten­tion. Memo­ry card with pho­tos cra­shes. Lil­ly pas­sed away. One Lil­ly come ano­ther one go. Losing stre­ak con­ti­nu­es in form of acci­dent whi­le riding my Vespa on rainy day. I’m badly cut up. So is my Vespa. Pre-wed­ding meeting ends with some disco­ve­ries regar­ding emo­tions. Visit in a friends sta­bles brings beau­ti­ful pic­tu­res. August was bit­ter swe­et.

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JimB40's Shoots of Life - July 2011

July was whim­si­cal. Cold and rainy. Novem­be­r’s twin. Except quan­ti­ty of light. Only Vespa calen­da­r’s girl remin­ded me it was beaching time. Tried to move to a new pla­ce but fresh memo­ries of last year remo­val kept me in pla­ce. First life­sty­le ses­sion went smo­oth. Just be your­self with me. Lil­la­’s chri­ste­ning. The church was full of people and came­ras. Nowa­days eve­ry­bo­dy is pho­to­gra­pher. Aga­inst all odds my first Vespa Adven­tu­re hap­pe­ned. All of rain gives a bre­ak and I spent few love­ly days on Kru­ty­nia river with friends. Rowing & admi­ring. Pain in sho­ul­der tried to chan­ge the plan. Pain was dismis­sed. Kamień. Ulti­ma­te desti­na­tion. Life came full circ­le after 20 years. The door was shut. Won­der­ful and full of posi­ti­ve ener­gy meeting with Mariusz in War­saw. My friends moved to a wooden house near War­saw. Bunch of flo­wers. My old habit being first time in a new house. Appro­aching fin­nish July star­ted to cry real­ly strong. „Rain drops kept fal­lin” on my head …”. If only knew how many tro­ubles they would give trans­for­ming them­self into the flo­od.

Sin­ce I’m four mon­ths late with Sho­ots of Life I’ll publish one eve­ry week in Novem­ber

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JimB40's Adventures - Krutynia

What hap­pens when three pho­to­gra­phers deci­de to go down Kru­ty­nia River by kay­aks? Well you can see by your­self. Three came­ras were sho­oting almost con­stan­tly . They were put over and under the water. For fun and to memo­ry few sunn­ny days in July. That was my first long Vespa trip. Roads in Gre­at Mazu­rian Lakes area were won­der­ful, so that was a real ple­asu­re to use my sco­ot. And all of this becau­se Poland is love­ly pla­ce. Thanks GrzegorzAnastasia for won­der­ful time spent toge­ther.

Co się sta­nie kie­dy trój­ka foto­gra­fów posta­no­wi spły­nąć kaja­ka­mi w dół Kru­ty­ni? Zobacz­cie sami. Trzy apa­ra­ty pra­co­wa­ły nie­stru­dze­nie. Nad i pod wodą. Dla zaba­wy i pamiąt­ki po jedy­nych w lip­cu sło­necz­nych dniach. To była pierw­sza dłuż­sza wypra­wa na mojej Vespie. Dro­gi na w rejo­nie Wiel­kich Jezior Mazur­skich były cudow­ne, więc z przy­jem­no­ścią mkną­łem na dwóch kół­kach. Wszyst­ko to, ponie­waż Pol­ska pięk­nym miej­scem jest. Dzię­ki GrzesiekAnastazja za cudow­nie spę­dzo­ny wspól­nie czas.

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JimB40's Shoots of Life - June 2011

June comes with sum­mer. Vege­ta­bles start to taste pro­per­ly. Girls start to attract with airy clo­thes. My favo­uri­te zodiac people can­cers cele­bra­te birth. Scho­ol ends and vaca­tion starts. Two-whe­eling almost eve­ry­day. Last bar­camps. Wed­ding season at its peak. Making pro­gress with guitar. Meeting new fasci­na­ting people. Disco­ve­ring new pla­ces to have a cof­fee in my city.
Thank You, and you June.

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