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Sunday at studfarm

Lovely weather. Real people and beautiful animals. Passion to live and work. That was great Sunday at Tarant studfarm.

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Just be yourself with me

It’s raining again. Summer shows colder face. Face I won’t accept. Never. 🙂 Here goes the Cure.
Considering this photocast was done more than year ago I think I have to reconsider publishing time.


If you don’t see video here is direct link.

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Startup Weekend Trójmiasto photo coverage

Well this time was different. I was participating with one of my ideas on Startup Weekend Trojmiasto. Good side is, that we (me and team) managed to appear on stage as one of chosen teams 🙂 Bad side is that there are just a few photos. Well life is a game of choices. During the event there was not much time to talk and even less for photography. Moreover I was mentaly focused on main target and that was to produce early beta of UPromised! After 54h of constant focus and hard work I was quite exhausted. Few mentors shoots cause at that time I thought I’ll have time to talk with them. Sorry no startupers shoots, except Nina. 😉 Nevertheless I’ve managed to take some nice shoots during afterparty in Gdynia’s COCO Club & Restaurant. . For sure I’ll write about more on how is to be on the other side of lens.

Anyway here it goes, Startup Weekend Trójmiasto photo coverage. Happy viewing guys.

If you don’t see embedded slideshow click to see the slidesow on-line or photos published on flickr.
Have you seen other photo coverages from Startup Weekends in Poland? There is also nice photocast covering Startup Weekend in Kraków.
You can also watch other barcamp and startup photo coverages.


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Startup Weekend Kraków photo coverage – day two

This is photo selection from the second day of Startup Weekend Kraków 2012 event.
There something about 250 shoots so if  you were part of it, most probably you’ll find yourself ethernized by my lens.

If you don’t see embedded slideshow click to see the slidesow on-line or photos published on flickr.

Have you seen photo-coverage from the first day? You should because it was update with some more nice photos. There is also nice photocast covering Startup Weekend in Kraków.

You can also watch other barcamp and startup photo coverages.

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JimB40’s Shoots of Life – December 2011

December. Or maybe September again? Lonely butterfly did something wrong with its wing on the other side od the globe. Because of that we had autum untill end of December. Kraków again. Good food and inspiring meeting with Wacek Wantuch organized by Iza. Flying bikers in Arena Centre in Łódź. Having petrol in my blood and quite nice photos. Gathering info about studio equipment & learning how to deal with color. My monitor gets nice DIY hood. Spending a week with my kids and celebrating seventh year of my Capricorn. Last Aula. Last dinner. Last day of 2011. Christmas time with family passed somehow unnoticed.  Warsaw & Yo again. New Years Eve at crowded Castle Square. Bye, bye two-ou-one-one. I won’t miss you much ’cause there’s young and fresh two-ou-one-two knocking on my door.. Thank you for being part of my life.


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Ile warta jest fotografia?

Świetne pytanie. Sam je sobie zadawałem przez długi czas. Głównie pytając ile kosztuje fotografia? Może tyle co koszt energii potrzebnej do wyświetlenia na monitorze plus koszt porannej kawy dla fotografa? Może raczej koszt papieru i farby drukarskiej oraz koszt dojazdu na miejsce naciśnięcia migawki. Hmm… Wiem! To są wszystkie koszty fotografa plus wszystkie jego wydatki życiowe pomnożone przez wskaźnik JimB-GF (GreedFactor) podzielone przez ilość zdjęć które uda mu się sprzedać.

Dzisiaj już wiem że  te wszystkie odpowiedzi są po części prawe i nieprawdziwe. Prawdziwe bo wszystko w życiu kosztuje. Bilet do Warszaway do Krakowa i z powrotem. Hotel na dwa dni. Coś na ząb. No dobra jak prawdziwy startupowiec mogę zminimalizować czasem ten koszt do jednej kawy i jednego kawałka pizzy dziennie. Później obróbka zdjęć. Zwykle trwająca tyle samo lub więcej niż samo fotografowanie. Później …

Jest dużo różnych później i parę innych wcześniej. Niemniej jednak wszystkie one stanowią pół-prawdy. Ja zaś zwykłem mawiać, że pół prawdy to całe kłamstwo. To jaka to jest ta prawda? Nie wiem jaka jest prawda. Nie pretenduje na kaznodzieję, chociaż jako INFP się nadaję.
Wiem jednak że:

Fotografia szczególnie dobra to inwestycja, a nie koszt.

Czytałem o tym już dawno. Myślałem zaś, jak o marketingowym bełkocie wymyślonym po to żeby łatwiej urobić klientów. Dopóki sam na własnej skórze nie przekonałem się o prawdziwości tego stwierdzenia.
Weźmy zatem byka za rogi w mój ulubiony sposób. Przeglądając się w lustrze.


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JimB40’s Shoots of Life – November 2011

November. Life slows down. If one never went through November here in Poland, one doesn’t have bloody idea what I am talking about. Free falling with thinking about protection. Will the parachute open? Have I had taken parachute with me before I had to leave the plane? This year November came undercover. Pretending September. No one has believed. Even bikes were sad that their time was over. Time to fight! European version of happiness prescription. Caprese instead of Prozac and cheesecake with chocolate instead of Viagra. Feeling like housewife with all those duties. Android starts to piss me off. Is this autumn or shitty technology? Next small step in mini-studio direction means measuring my living room. Product means constant question. Would I like to receive something like this? Following Halloween Aula barcamp was mainly about dead man. Famous but dead anyway. Having fun with bride & groom. Kuba is chasing Ania. Hopefully for the rest of his life. He promised.  Reading best polish prose. Michał doesn’t seem to know how to make caprese. Nevertheless he knows perfectly what is November like. No doubts. Golden fish and one day. I have three wishes: one day with more light, one day with more light and one day with more light. That all folks.

If you were part of my life thank you for letting me survive.

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JimB40’s Shoots of Life – October 2011

October was hot. Summer was sorry for so many tears and was trying to say sorry. Lovely bike trip to Konstancin. Learning how to cook bitki. More equipment to my home studio and fasionable disk for daily backup. Playing guitar when possible makes me easy-going. Darek Jankowski was damn right. Anastazja went home so I did a wedding with Grzegorz as second. Out of sudden with one small signature I became a god father of this marriage. Love those events. The only constant thing is change. Freeman’s „Photographers mind”. Slowly introducing speedlights in my photo mind. Next wedding. Friends. Again lot of positive people. I almost got killed by truck going back at 4am in total mist. Weather spoils. Cross from Bieszczady for my mum. This project lasted one year. One has to be stubborn. Joy of creation again. Marti Studio takes place in my mind.  Workin on quality of photo products & reading a lot about it. The last day of October was warm and pleasant. Thank you for being part of my life.

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Startup Weekend Kraków photo coverage – day one

All right. Kraków again this year. Thinking about moving there. Will be cheaper then make a journey every weekend
This is photo selection from the first day of Startup Weekend Kraków 2012 event.
Descriptions are as always subjective and may not reflect actual situation 🙂

If you don’t see embedded slideshow click to see the slidesow on-line or photos published on flickr.
You can also watch other barcamp and startup photo coverages.

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Startup Weekend Kraków 2012 – The Weekend you WILL miss

If someone doubts that events like Startup Weekend boosts creativity, here goes the proof.

If you don’t see video here is direct link.

if you still don’t believe here are some more proofs
Aula & Seedcamp rendez-vous
Muwie Womm


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JimB40’s Shoots of Life – September 2011

September. Surprisingly better then all summer. Schools starts their lofty mission. This year one of my precious is the head of the school. Laptop declared general strike. Missing my two wheels. Warp4 go into the phase of review habit. Photo session with photographer as a model. Why not? Strobist day. I make good use of a borrowed lamp, kennel and three kids. Barcelona. Kind of daydream. No sleep. Stunning views from the top of surrounding hills. My favourite food. My favourite company. Two wheels everywhere. Pukka hedonist. If only north-spain women knew what heels were inwented for. Bruxelles then appeared as a sleepy city. Warsaw then appeared as … Come back was tough. Flamenco by Saura was tougher. My precious gets her ankle twisted. Time to farewell summer. Dance floor is the right place to do it. Isn’t it?

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JimB40’s Shoots of Life – August 2011

August. Began with flood. Those little raindrops came in billions forming wave that constantly invaded my castle. That was epic battle. Twenty four hour per day. After five days intensity of attack lowered but then moisture force and mold squad appeared. Permanent siege. In this context short Bieszczady break was like a resurrection. Połonina Wetlińska conquered. Guitar domesticated. Nice people met. Photos taken. Including quick and spontaneous session with Lady Dominique in Sandomierz. My Guardian Angel gets fiancée. Epson. Finally in-house hi-quality prints possible. Another crisis needs my attention. Memory card with photos crashes. Lilly  passed away. One Lilly come another one go. Losing streak continues in form of accident while riding my Vespa on rainy day. I’m badly cut up. So is my Vespa. Pre-wedding meeting ends with some discoveries regarding emotions.  Visit in a friends stables brings beautiful pictures. August was bitter sweet.

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JimB40’s Shoots of Life – July 2011

July was whimsical. Cold and rainy. November’s twin. Except quantity of light. Only Vespa calendar’s girl reminded me it was beaching time. Tried to move to a new place but fresh memories of last year removal kept me in place. First lifestyle session went smooth. Just be yourself with me. Lilla’s christening. The church was full of people and cameras. Nowadays everybody is photographer. Against all odds my first Vespa Adventure happened. All of rain gives a break and I spent few lovely days on Krutynia river with friends. Rowing & admiring. Pain in shoulder tried to change the plan. Pain was dismissed. Kamień. Ultimate destination. Life came full circle after 20 years. The door was shut. Wonderful and full of positive energy meeting with Mariusz in Warsaw. My friends moved to a wooden house near Warsaw. Bunch of flowers. My old habit being first time in a new house. Approaching finnish July started to cry really strong. „Rain drops kept fallin’ on my head …”. If only knew how many troubles they would give transforming themself into the  flood.

Since I’m four months late with Shoots of Life I’ll publish one every week in November

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JimB40’s Adventures – Krutynia

What happens when three photographers decide to go down Krutynia River by kayaks? Well you can see by yourself. Three cameras were shooting almost constantly . They were put over and under the water. For fun and to memory few sunnny days in July. That was my first long Vespa trip. Roads in Great Mazurian Lakes area were wonderful, so that was a real pleasure to use my scoot.  And all of this because Poland is lovely place. Thanks Grzegorz & Anastasia for wonderful time spent together.

Co się stanie kiedy trójka fotografów postanowi spłynąć kajakami w dół Krutyni? Zobaczcie sami. Trzy aparaty pracowały niestrudzenie. Nad i pod wodą. Dla zabawy i pamiątki po jedynych w lipcu słonecznych dniach. To była pierwsza dłuższa wyprawa na mojej Vespie. Drogi na w rejonie Wielkich Jezior Mazurskich były cudowne, więc z przyjemnością mknąłem na dwóch kółkach. Wszystko to,  ponieważ Polska pięknym miejscem jest. Dzięki Grzesiek i Anastazja za cudownie spędzony wspólnie czas.

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JimB40’s Shoots of Life – June 2011

June comes with summer. Vegetables start to taste properly. Girls start to attract with airy clothes. My favourite zodiac people cancers celebrate birth. School ends and vacation starts. Two-wheeling almost everyday. Last barcamps. Wedding season at its peak. Making progress with guitar. Meeting new fascinating people. Discovering new places to have a coffee in my city.
Thank You, and you June.

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