About me

Using knowledge discovered by I. Myers

Accidental IT technician.

Keep IT SimpleIt’s not me who turns around when they shout „IT guy”. At parties I play dumb. When I’m being asked to cast an eye over a computer, my reply is I’ve been taught to fix TVs. When I’m molested to disassemble and repair a TV, I declare programming a remote is as far as I can go. When I’m pinned to fix Outlook, I will slink away with an excuse I have an OSX. It doesn’t change the fact, that as a result of my fascination with a book on PHP, a few years ago one of the very first CMS systems was developed, which is still used by a respectable corporation. I also know the feel of spending a night over a computer, but rumor has it all introverts like it. Here you can find some facts about my professional life.

Mr. Idea – visions and revisions

bulbHead full of ideas. Some better than other. One in 10 ideas gives me shivers, both in terms of a concept and financial profits. One in 20 constitutes almost a stroke threat, nevertheless it ends up buried deep in a drawer,  as it makes people laugh. Let me browse a subject for 5 minutes and I’ll quickly start indicating necessary improvements. You’ve already learned the obvious , the rest you’ll see through my eyes. Not in vain did the Good  Lord bestow intuitive perception on me.

Inspirer & ring-leader

SeederI fill minds with visions too daring to be dreamt. I connect your batteries to my mind’s power plant and watch with delight how the “receivers” emanate with professional or personal fulfillment. Undoubtedly, I inspire activity. I find positives that you would never think of. I track a narrow path leading to a six-lane highway. I love drawing out of people what’s best in them, observing how they push forward  against all odds.

Advisor of choice…  your choice, not mine.

compassAnd what do you think…? This question is repeated with various frequency and in various ways. For vague reasons folks want to know my opinion on different matters. This obviously does not mean they will put my advise into action. But, eventually, an advisor is expected to present possibilities, give recommendations, suggest the best options and leave space for own choice. I’m not really surprised that 99% of advisors have an NF or NT in their type.

Photographer undisclosed.

me-photoHold on, why is this picture so blurred? It is scientifically proven that sharp object can hurt you. I doubt my photos shall ever be as sharp as a razor blade, but occasionally I start to  notice how important it is to turn on image stability or place the  equipment on tripod. Photography only recently has appeared in my life and it intends to stay. Isabel says this means the development of tertiary function and I’m not gonna argue with her, as she’s better educated. Here you can find some more information about my photography.

Thief by practice.

timeI steal in a skilled and unnoticeable manner. I’m not interested in trivia; I reach for the most valuable. In no time will you notice than an hour is gone, afternoon has passed or the day is lost forever. Interestingly, there is no need to call the  police. To me time has always been an inaccurate and fluctuating idea, and deadlines were associated with final judgment only. This, however,  does not  mean I can’t meet them. It is just a question of priority.

You’ve been warned

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