True stories - stuck in a moment

The­re is a sto­ry behind room 524 . Sto­ry of PaulaMichael and Bob. Sto­ry of a woman fol­lo­wing her heart. Sto­ry of man being too fra­gi­le and ano­ther one seeking reve­ne­ge using power of money. Con­stant thre­ats, lawy­ers, law­su­its, lone­li­ness. Drugs inste­ad of pre­sen­ce some­one who makes pro­blems disappear. Being in room 524 and touching thin line that sepa­ra­tes here and nowhe­re. Bono­’s tri­bu­te to Micha­el reminds me how easy is to cross this line. Eve­ry time I play it.

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