Aulery 2012 - photo coverage

We wan­ted to have nice & fresh fish so we headed north. We car­ried our came­ra to docu­ment love­ly fish we were going to eat by the sea. We took a bus hoping to work a lit­tle as it takes 5 hours to get to the coast. Our hope vani­shed as soon as we met at the bus stop bunch of people we knew from star­tup events. They were heading north to have some sun­ba­thing as far as we remem­ber. Inste­ad of hard work then, the­re was nice and con­stant conver­sa­tion. Main­ly abo­ut the life, dif­fe­ren­ce betwe­en ex and actu­al and quali­ty of cof­fe served. During this short jour­ney we disco­ve­red that the­re is some­ting going on in ERGO Are­na in Sopot. We disco­ve­red also we have a spa­re memo­ry card. So once aga­in the­re are bunch of pho­tos sho­wing enter­pre­neurs envo­lved in star­tup cre­ation who gathe­red to cele­bra­te in Sopot. Auler Gala 2012.

Hap­py vie­wing.

Photo coverage

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