Aulery 2012 – photo coverage

We wanted to have nice & fresh fish so we headed north. We carried our camera to document lovely fish we were going to eat by the sea. We took a bus hoping to work a little as it takes 5 hours to get to the coast. Our hope vanished as soon as we met at the bus stop bunch of people we knew from startup events. They were heading north to have some sunbathing as far as we remember. Instead of hard work then, there was nice and constant conversation. Mainly about the life, difference between ex and actual and quality of coffe served. During this short journey we discovered that there is someting going on in ERGO Arena in Sopot. We discovered also we have a spare memory card. So once again there are bunch of photos showing enterpreneurs envolved in startup creation who gathered to celebrate in Sopot. Auler Gala 2012.

Happy viewing.

Photo coverage

If you don’t see anything click to watch slideshow.
You can watch photos on flickr.
See also photos photos from other barcamps.

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