Startup Weekend Trójmiasto photo coverage

Well this time was dif­fe­rent. I was par­ti­ci­pa­ting with one of my ideas on Startup Weekend Trojmiasto. Good side is, that we (me and team) mana­ged to appe­ar on sta­ge as one of cho­sen teams 🙂 Bad side is that the­re are just a few pho­tos. Well life is a game of cho­ices. During the event the­re was not much time to talk and even less for pho­to­gra­phy. More­over I was men­ta­ly focu­sed on main tar­get and that was to pro­du­ce ear­ly beta of UPromised! After 54h of con­stant focus and hard work I was quite exhau­sted. Few men­tors sho­ots cau­se at that time I tho­ught I’ll have time to talk with them. Sor­ry no star­tu­pers sho­ots, except Nina. 😉 Never­the­less I’ve mana­ged to take some nice sho­ots during after­par­ty in Gdy­nia­’s COCO Club & Restau­rant. . For sure I’ll wri­te abo­ut more on how is to be on the other side of lens.

Any­way here it goes, Star­tup Week­end Trój­mia­sto pho­to cove­ra­ge. Hap­py vie­wing guys.

If you don’t see embed­ded sli­de­show click to see the slidesow on-line or photos published on flickr.
Have you seen other photo coverages from Startup Weekends in Poland? The­re is also nice photocast covering Startup Weekend in Kra­ków.
You can also watch other barcamp and startup photo coverages.

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