JimB40’s Shoots of Life – December 2011

December. Or maybe September again? Lonely butterfly did something wrong with its wing on the other side od the globe. Because of that we had autum untill end of December. Kraków again. Good food and inspiring meeting with Wacek Wantuch organized by Iza. Flying bikers in Arena Centre in Łódź. Having petrol in my blood and quite nice photos. Gathering info about studio equipment & learning how to deal with color. My monitor gets nice DIY hood. Spending a week with my kids and celebrating seventh year of my Capricorn. Last Aula. Last dinner. Last day of 2011. Christmas time with family passed somehow unnoticed.  Warsaw & Yo again. New Years Eve at crowded Castle Square. Bye, bye two-ou-one-one. I won’t miss you much ’cause there’s young and fresh two-ou-one-two knocking on my door.. Thank you for being part of my life.


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