JimB40's Shoots of Life - December 2011

Decem­ber. Or may­be Sep­tem­ber aga­in? Lone­ly but­ter­fly did some­thing wrong with its wing on the other side od the glo­be. Becau­se of that we had autum untill end of Decem­ber. Kra­ków aga­in. Good food and inspi­ring meeting with Wacek Wan­tuch orga­ni­zed by Iza. Fly­ing bikers in Are­na Cen­tre in Łódź. Having petrol in my blo­od and quite nice pho­tos. Gathe­ring info abo­ut stu­dio equ­ip­ment & lear­ning how to deal with color. My moni­tor gets nice DIY hood. Spen­ding a week with my kids and cele­bra­ting seventh year of my Capri­corn. Last Aula. Last din­ner. Last day of 2011. Chri­st­mas time with fami­ly pas­sed some­how unno­ti­ced. War­saw & Yo aga­in. New Years Eve at crow­ded Castle Squ­are. Bye, bye two-ou-one-one. I won’t miss you much ’cau­se the­re­’s young and fresh two-ou-one-two knoc­king on my door.. Thank you for being part of my life.

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