JimB40's Shoots of Life - November 2011

Novem­ber. Life slows down. If one never went thro­ugh Novem­ber here in Poland, one doesn’t have blo­ody idea what I am tal­king abo­ut. Free fal­ling with thin­king abo­ut pro­tec­tion. Will the para­chu­te open? Have I had taken para­chu­te with me befo­re I had to leave the pla­ne? This year Novem­ber came under­co­ver. Pre­ten­ding Sep­tem­ber. No one has belie­ved. Even bikes were sad that the­ir time was over. Time to fight! Euro­pe­an ver­sion of hap­pi­ness pre­scrip­tion. Capre­se inste­ad of Pro­zac and che­ese­ca­ke with cho­co­la­te inste­ad of Via­gra. Feeling like house­wi­fe with all tho­se duties. Andro­id starts to piss me off. Is this autumn or shit­ty tech­no­lo­gy? Next small step in mini-stu­dio direc­tion means measu­ring my living room. Pro­duct means con­stant question. Would I like to rece­ive some­thing like this? Fol­lo­wing Hal­lo­we­en Aula bar­camp was main­ly abo­ut dead man. Famo­us but dead any­way. Having fun with bri­de & gro­om. Kuba is cha­sing Ania. Hope­ful­ly for the rest of his life. He pro­mi­sed. Reading best polish pro­se. Michał doesn’t seem to know how to make capre­se. Never­the­less he knows per­fec­tly what is Novem­ber like. No doubts. Gol­den fish and one day. I have three wishes: one day with more light, one day with more light and one day with more light. That all folks.

If you were part of my life thank you for let­ting me survi­ve.

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