JimB40’s Shoots of Life – November 2011

November. Life slows down. If one never went through November here in Poland, one doesn’t have bloody idea what I am talking about. Free falling with thinking about protection. Will the parachute open? Have I had taken parachute with me before I had to leave the plane? This year November came undercover. Pretending September. No one has believed. Even bikes were sad that their time was over. Time to fight! European version of happiness prescription. Caprese instead of Prozac and cheesecake with chocolate instead of Viagra. Feeling like housewife with all those duties. Android starts to piss me off. Is this autumn or shitty technology? Next small step in mini-studio direction means measuring my living room. Product means constant question. Would I like to receive something like this? Following Halloween Aula barcamp was mainly about dead man. Famous but dead anyway. Having fun with bride & groom. Kuba is chasing Ania. Hopefully for the rest of his life. He promised.  Reading best polish prose. Michał doesn’t seem to know how to make caprese. Nevertheless he knows perfectly what is November like. No doubts. Golden fish and one day. I have three wishes: one day with more light, one day with more light and one day with more light. That all folks.

If you were part of my life thank you for letting me survive.

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