JimB40’s Shoots of Life – October 2011

October was hot. Summer was sorry for so many tears and was trying to say sorry. Lovely bike trip to Konstancin. Learning how to cook bitki. More equipment to my home studio and fasionable disk for daily backup. Playing guitar when possible makes me easy-going. Darek Jankowski was damn right. Anastazja went home so I did a wedding with Grzegorz as second. Out of sudden with one small signature I became a god father of this marriage. Love those events. The only constant thing is change. Freeman’s „Photographers mind”. Slowly introducing speedlights in my photo mind. Next wedding. Friends. Again lot of positive people. I almost got killed by truck going back at 4am in total mist. Weather spoils. Cross from Bieszczady for my mum. This project lasted one year. One has to be stubborn. Joy of creation again. Marti Studio takes place in my mind.  Workin on quality of photo products & reading a lot about it. The last day of October was warm and pleasant. Thank you for being part of my life.

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