JimB40's Shoots of Life - October 2011

Octo­ber was hot. Sum­mer was sor­ry for so many tears and was try­ing to say sor­ry. Love­ly bike trip to Kon­stan­cin. Lear­ning how to cook bit­ki. More equ­ip­ment to my home stu­dio and fasio­na­ble disk for daily bac­kup. Play­ing guitar when possi­ble makes me easy-going. Darek Jan­kow­ski was damn right. Ana­sta­zja went home so I did a wed­ding with Grze­gorz as second. Out of sud­den with one small signa­tu­re I beca­me a god father of this mar­ria­ge. Love tho­se events. The only con­stant thing is chan­ge. Fre­ema­n’s „Pho­to­gra­phers mind”. Slow­ly intro­du­cing spe­edli­ghts in my pho­to mind. Next wed­ding. Friends. Aga­in lot of posi­ti­ve people. I almost got kil­led by truck going back at 4am in total mist. Weather spo­ils. Cross from Biesz­cza­dy for my mum. This pro­ject lasted one year. One has to be stub­born. Joy of cre­ation aga­in. Mar­ti Stu­dio takes pla­ce in my mind. Wor­kin on quali­ty of pho­to pro­ducts & reading a lot abo­ut it. The last day of Octo­ber was warm and ple­asant. Thank you for being part of my life.

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