True Stories - Vain Expectations?

Była tak­że inna chwi­la, któ­rej nie zapo­mnę,
Był raz wie­czór roz­ma­rzo­ny i nadzie­je płon­ne

Sor­ry for no trans­la­tion. In the mean­ti­me pic­tu­re has to spe­ak for itself, whi­le I look for the pro­per trans­la­tion of Marek Gre­chu­ta song. He was one of the most influ­en­tial polish arti­sts.

Pho­to used in this TS have a file name IMG_9666.JPG and this was not plan­ned.
It’s the publish time what WAS plan­ned. 6:60 plus 6 🙂

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