JimB40's Shoots of Life - September 2011

Sep­tem­ber. Sur­pri­sin­gly bet­ter then all sum­mer. Scho­ols starts the­ir lofty mis­sion. This year one of my pre­cio­us is the head of the scho­ol. Lap­top dec­la­red gene­ral stri­ke. Mis­sing my two whe­els. Warp4 go into the pha­se of review habit. Pho­to ses­sion with pho­to­gra­pher as a model. Why not? Stro­bist day. I make good use of a bor­ro­wed lamp, ken­nel and three kids. Bar­ce­lo­na. Kind of day­dre­am. No sle­ep. Stun­ning views from the top of sur­ro­un­ding hills. My favo­uri­te food. My favo­uri­te com­pa­ny. Two whe­els eve­ry­whe­re. Puk­ka hedo­nist. If only north-spa­in women knew what heels were inwen­ted for. Bru­xel­les then appe­ared as a sle­epy city. War­saw then appe­ared as … Come back was tough. Fla­men­co by Sau­ra was tougher. My pre­cio­us gets her ankle twi­sted. Time to fare­well sum­mer. Dan­ce flo­or is the right pla­ce to do it. Isn’t it?

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