JimB40’s Shoots of Life – September 2011

September. Surprisingly better then all summer. Schools starts their lofty mission. This year one of my precious is the head of the school. Laptop declared general strike. Missing my two wheels. Warp4 go into the phase of review habit. Photo session with photographer as a model. Why not? Strobist day. I make good use of a borrowed lamp, kennel and three kids. Barcelona. Kind of daydream. No sleep. Stunning views from the top of surrounding hills. My favourite food. My favourite company. Two wheels everywhere. Pukka hedonist. If only north-spain women knew what heels were inwented for. Bruxelles then appeared as a sleepy city. Warsaw then appeared as … Come back was tough. Flamenco by Saura was tougher. My precious gets her ankle twisted. Time to farewell summer. Dance floor is the right place to do it. Isn’t it?

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