JimB40’s Shoots of Life – August 2011

August. Began with flood. Those little raindrops came in billions forming wave that constantly invaded my castle. That was epic battle. Twenty four hour per day. After five days intensity of attack lowered but then moisture force and mold squad appeared. Permanent siege. In this context short Bieszczady break was like a resurrection. Połonina Wetlińska conquered. Guitar domesticated. Nice people met. Photos taken. Including quick and spontaneous session with Lady Dominique in Sandomierz. My Guardian Angel gets fiancée. Epson. Finally in-house hi-quality prints possible. Another crisis needs my attention. Memory card with photos crashes. Lilly  passed away. One Lilly come another one go. Losing streak continues in form of accident while riding my Vespa on rainy day. I’m badly cut up. So is my Vespa. Pre-wedding meeting ends with some discoveries regarding emotions.  Visit in a friends stables brings beautiful pictures. August was bitter sweet.

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