JimB40's Shoots of Life - August 2011

August. Began with flo­od. Tho­se lit­tle rain­drops came in bil­lions for­ming wave that con­stan­tly inva­ded my castle. That was epic bat­tle. Twen­ty four hour per day. After five days inten­si­ty of attack lowe­red but then moistu­re for­ce and mold squ­ad appe­ared. Per­ma­nent sie­ge. In this con­text short Biesz­cza­dy bre­ak was like a resur­rec­tion. Poło­ni­na Wetliń­ska conqu­ered. Guitar dome­sti­ca­ted. Nice people met. Pho­tos taken. Inc­lu­ding quick and spon­ta­ne­ous ses­sion with Lady Domi­ni­que in San­do­mierz. My Guar­dian Angel gets fian­cée. Epson. Final­ly in-house hi-quali­ty prints possi­ble. Ano­ther cri­sis needs my atten­tion. Memo­ry card with pho­tos cra­shes. Lil­ly pas­sed away. One Lil­ly come ano­ther one go. Losing stre­ak con­ti­nu­es in form of acci­dent whi­le riding my Vespa on rainy day. I’m badly cut up. So is my Vespa. Pre-wed­ding meeting ends with some disco­ve­ries regar­ding emo­tions. Visit in a friends sta­bles brings beau­ti­ful pic­tu­res. August was bit­ter swe­et.

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