JimB40’s Shoots of Life – July 2011

July was whimsical. Cold and rainy. November’s twin. Except quantity of light. Only Vespa calendar’s girl reminded me it was beaching time. Tried to move to a new place but fresh memories of last year removal kept me in place. First lifestyle session went smooth. Just be yourself with me. Lilla’s christening. The church was full of people and cameras. Nowadays everybody is photographer. Against all odds my first Vespa Adventure happened. All of rain gives a break and I spent few lovely days on Krutynia river with friends. Rowing & admiring. Pain in shoulder tried to change the plan. Pain was dismissed. Kamień. Ultimate destination. Life came full circle after 20 years. The door was shut. Wonderful and full of positive energy meeting with Mariusz in Warsaw. My friends moved to a wooden house near Warsaw. Bunch of flowers. My old habit being first time in a new house. Approaching finnish July started to cry really strong. „Rain drops kept fallin’ on my head …”. If only knew how many troubles they would give transforming themself into the  flood.

Since I’m four months late with Shoots of Life I’ll publish one every week in November

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