JimB40's Shoots of Life - July 2011

July was whim­si­cal. Cold and rainy. Novem­be­r’s twin. Except quan­ti­ty of light. Only Vespa calen­da­r’s girl remin­ded me it was beaching time. Tried to move to a new pla­ce but fresh memo­ries of last year remo­val kept me in pla­ce. First life­sty­le ses­sion went smo­oth. Just be your­self with me. Lil­la­’s chri­ste­ning. The church was full of people and came­ras. Nowa­days eve­ry­bo­dy is pho­to­gra­pher. Aga­inst all odds my first Vespa Adven­tu­re hap­pe­ned. All of rain gives a bre­ak and I spent few love­ly days on Kru­ty­nia river with friends. Rowing & admi­ring. Pain in sho­ul­der tried to chan­ge the plan. Pain was dismis­sed. Kamień. Ulti­ma­te desti­na­tion. Life came full circ­le after 20 years. The door was shut. Won­der­ful and full of posi­ti­ve ener­gy meeting with Mariusz in War­saw. My friends moved to a wooden house near War­saw. Bunch of flo­wers. My old habit being first time in a new house. Appro­aching fin­nish July star­ted to cry real­ly strong. „Rain drops kept fal­lin” on my head …”. If only knew how many tro­ubles they would give trans­for­ming them­self into the flo­od.

Sin­ce I’m four mon­ths late with Sho­ots of Life I’ll publish one eve­ry week in Novem­ber

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