JimB40's Adventures - Krutynia

What hap­pens when three pho­to­gra­phers deci­de to go down Kru­ty­nia River by kay­aks? Well you can see by your­self. Three came­ras were sho­oting almost con­stan­tly . They were put over and under the water. For fun and to memo­ry few sunn­ny days in July. That was my first long Vespa trip. Roads in Gre­at Mazu­rian Lakes area were won­der­ful, so that was a real ple­asu­re to use my sco­ot. And all of this becau­se Poland is love­ly pla­ce. Thanks GrzegorzAnastasia for won­der­ful time spent toge­ther.

GrzesiekAnastazja za cudow­nie spę­dzo­ny wspól­nie czas.

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