Aula Hidden Purpose

Well this sup­po­sed to be True Story ini­tial­ly. Then I recal­led myself meaning of true. True in terms of JimB40's True Stories might be lit­tle twi­sted, but no doubts eve­ry­thing hap­pe­ned. On the other hand below publi­shed pie­ce of artwork is rather like walk with my ima­gi­na­tion on long leash.
From time to time I used to make kind of Comic Cards for my friends. If they agree I’ll publish some­day. 🙂 So I bor­ro­wed tem­pla­te for­mat and here it goes.
Does it mean it’s not true? It wasn’t me who said that. Jud­ge your­self and smi­le. By the way, don’t wor­ry it’s sum­mer­ti­me aga­in. Easy period to survi­ve. Let other people out the­re in Poland find out Aula hid­den pur­po­se.

Aula Hidden Purpose by JimB40

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