Seedcamp London '09

After some strolling around London on Satur­day and Sun­day, busy Mon­day came. I knew that the event’s timing was tight and the­re was not eno­ugh time for taking a bre­ath. But I was ready with 3 len­ses, 2 CF cards and 1 came­ra. What’s more, sche­du­le was simi­lar to the one in War­saw.

The venue was the NESTA offi­ce at 1 Plo­ugh Pla­ce. A modern design with vivid, colo­ur­ful fur­ni­tu­re. Quick rec­kon reve­aled dif­fe­rent kind of ligh­ting and huge win­dows inste­ad of walls. The­re were also two round con­fe­ren­ce rooms, both love­ly in terms of posi­ti­ve atmo­sphe­re cre­ation, but dif­fi­cult for a pho­to­gra­pher, as I had no wide lens in my bag. Well, nobo­dy pro­mi­sed me an easy day. I deci­ded not to flash. After all, it wasn’t a F1 Cham­pion­ship, so 130 sho­uld have been eno­ugh.

Lots of inte­re­sting people came, so I’ve set the shut­ter on con­ti­nu­ous mode. As always I was focu­sed on people, for­get­ting some­ti­mes abo­ut con­text. I know, I know. If only I went tho­se 2 steps back and took a wide shot… 🙂 Well — it’s people who cre­ate atmo­sphe­re of such events, so for­gi­ve me. Men and women were tal­king all the day long abo­ut busi­ness, new ven­tu­res, ide­as and inve­st­ments. „Exe­cu­tion is the king” pop­ped into my ear twi­ce or more. So I star­ted to won­der „Who’s the queen?”. Isn’t it a queen who rules the King­dom being just a sha­dow of H.M. The King? Well, you can find a sim­ple answer in this event pho­to cove­ra­ge 😉 but I still think that the real answer is still to be disco­ve­red.

After. The best part. Char­ming Brown-Rud­nick offi­ce set the mood. The­re was wine, piz­za and a lot of laugh. And tho­se sho­ots are my favs.

Okay. Below you’ll find short from Seed­camp Lon­don ’09 mini edi­tion.

You can find full coverage as a col­lec­tion on my flickr acco­unt.

Next day I visi­ted OpenCoffe meeting. I had a cup of cofee of cour­se and nice chat with few people.

I’d like to thank Resh­ma and Alas­da­ir from Seedcamp for invi­ting me the­re as a pho­to­gra­pher so I had a an oppor­tu­ni­ty to take the­se pho­tos.

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